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Meet Deana Schilk, RN, CCM

Deana Schilk, RN, CCM, utilizes her 15-plus years in health care, including experiences in coronary care, endoscopy and surgical center nursing, to guide injured workers to optimal outcomes. This background would come in handy when faced with a case involving an injured worker with significant burns.

The Case

An injured worker sustained serious 2nd and 3rd degree burns to his right arm, face and head. Attentive care for this type of injury is crucial for healing and infection prevention, so Schilk referenced guidelines such as ODG to assess the treatment plan, including pain management and medication protocols.

Case Management Impact

Schilk was persistent with continuous follow up, assuring the injured worker was compliant with treatment, while also making certain his medical concerns were addressed. Because medication abuse is often a problem with this population, Schilk addressed prescription management with the injured worker as well as current treatment plans with the treating physicians and facilitated successful narcotic weaning. She also addressed psychosocial concerns the injured worker experienced about returning to work following his release, taking time to educate and address fears about reinjury.


Despite a safe and efficient healing process, the worker was initially reluctant to go back to work because of reinjury concerns. Schilk worked with him to ensure that the employer had developed a modified duty job that would allow him to return to his job in a safe manner. Through excellent teaching and aggressive case management services, Schilk facilitated an early and safe return to work four months ahead of schedule.


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