Regulatory Compliance and Governmental Affairs

Regulatory Compliance and Governmental Affairs

Our highly experienced team understands the trends, challenges, and solutions needed to navigate the complex property and casualty landscape. We partner with our customers to deliver the right regulatory knowledge, involvement, and strategies to best represent the interests of our clients and the industry.

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Regulatory & Compliance Resources

Enlyte achieves optimal business results through our experienced people, engagement, and consultation to represent a national voice specifically focused within the workers’ comp and auto industries. We start by working hand in hand at the state or national level to achieve what our customers desire at a regulatory and compliance level within all jurisdictions nationwide.

Our team engages and sits on various boards, are appointed committee members and chairs, and provide resources as state legislative subject matter experts. This expertise is shared and leveraged across the entire Enlyte organization to ensure compliance and refinement on a product-by-product basis.



  • 40+ Years of regulatory compliance experience
  • 75+ dedicated regulatory and compliance experts experienced with 20 years of average industry experience in all jurisdictions
  • 14+ leadership roles in industry groups
  • 100% Casualty focus
  • Highly experienced in negotiating the correct language and positions in rule writing for legislation
  • Expert capabilities in translation of complex bill review and fee schedule language into automated products


Industry Leadership Roles

  • AAPAN board members
  • IAIABC committee members and chairs
  • State level legislative subject matter experts
  • Manage and strategize with Enlyte lobbyist in key states: Michigan, New Jersey, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Arizona and Georgia
  • Conference/CEU speakers


Internal & External

  • Internally collaborates with all product groups to ensure compliance and education
  • Provide expert testimony with legislative bodies on behalf of our constituents
  • Litigation support services for clients
  • Strategize with customers in the implementation of new law and rules that affect our products and businesses

Data Driven Compliance 

Enlyte's comprehensive compliance heavily invests in technology in providing solutions to our customers. The Regulatory Compliance team leverages Enlyte’s data assets through Claims Performance Consulting to uncover actionable insights and intervention opportunities that drive better outcomes for our customers.

Regulatory Compliance Infographic

Quarterly report

Enlyte's Medical Price Index

This information in this report is based on Enlyte's own observations of charges and trends and includes data for the period of Q1 2017 through the end of Q3 2023 by coverage.

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Regulatory & Compliance Insights


Six Legislative and Regulatory Changes and Trends Impacting in the Insurance Industry

january 17, 2024

Monitoring legislation and evolving compliance trends is critical in our industry and more important than ever. As we enter the 2024 legislative sessions, along with a presidential election year, it should prove to be a very interesting one. At Enlyte, we already have “boots on the ground” and are looking forward to another exciting year. The American Association of Payers, Administrators, and Networks (AAPAN) plays a pivotal role in shaping public policy and advocating for the interests of its members.

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Enlyte Lobbying Outlooks for 2024

January 16, 2024

At Enlyte, our team of experts are continually monitoring emerging trends, keeping abreast with legislation and case law, and lobbying to help shape these complexities today and into tomorrow for the benefit of our customers and the industry.

In order to successfully navigate these regulatory complexities, Enlyte works closely with our industry trade associations, as well as contracts with multiple outside lobbying firms, to help advance our combined efforts across all of our business lines, including workers’ compensation, auto 1st and 3rd party, pharmacy, and networks.

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Not All PBMs Are Created Equally: Examination the Differences Between Traditional Health Care and Workers’ Compensation

November 15, 2023

Over the last several years there has been a concerted effort in state legislatures to regulate the activities of Pharmacy Benefit Managers or PBMs. The focus has primarily been on the activities of PBMs in the commercial and government health space. However, workers’ compensation PBMs are sometimes roped into those same laws, even though there is a vast difference between how traditional health care PBMs and workers’ compensation PBMs operate.

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