Workers' Comp

Man Down, but Not for Long


Catastrophic Case Management

Meet Carrie McCullin, RN, CCM

Carrie McCullin has more than a decade of case management experience at Genex Services, and has been an RN for more than 25 years. Known for her excellent critical thinking skills and ability to handle crises no matter the day or hour, these characteristics came into play when McCullin fielded a call one Saturday morning.

The Case

The case involved a man who was in critical condition from multiple gunshot wounds, including one to the head, incurred in the line of duty. The initial treatment involved stabilizing the man who had sustained a subdural hematoma and fractured jaw. McCullin served as an intermediary between providers, the injured person and his family, offering assistance and reassurance. After undergoing a successful craniectomy, evacuation of subdural hematoma and reduction of jaw fracture, the man faced the reality of a long recovery.

Case Management Impact

A practicing RN for 27 years, McCullin understood the process of transitioning the injured employee from ICU to a specialized brain injury facility to home. The man used a cranial helmet to protect the non-flapped craniectomy site and, through McCullin’s diligence, ensured he didn’t incur an infection which helped expedite his move to a traumatic brain injury specialty hospital.


McCullin assisted the employee and his family throughout the transition and worked with physical, occupational and speech therapy to help him regain his activity of daily living skills, while keeping ODG in perspective for his return-to-work status. Amazingly, the he surpassed his prognosis, returning to duty in just 8 months, 4 months prior to the initial assessment.


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