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Enlyte brings together a dynamic leadership group with decades of unparalleled experience across all corners of the industry. Together, they are authoring the story of a new company dedicated to transforming today and navigating next

Alex Sun

Alex Sun

CEO, Enlyte

Peter Madeja

Peter Madeja

President & CEO, Genex​

Norman Brown

CFO & EVP, Enlyte​

Erez Nir

Erez Nir

CTO & EVP, Enlyte

MG Kristian

EVP, People & Workplace, Enlyte

Stephanie Kroon

EVP, General Counsel & Secretary, Enlyte

Art Lynch

CEO, Coventry​

Delphia Frisch

COO & EVP, Genex​

Nina Smith

President, Customer & Market Operations, Enlyte​

Dave Torrence

EVP & GM, Pharmacy Solutions, Mitchell​

Debbie Day

EVP & GM, Auto Physical Damage, Mitchell​

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