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Meet Theresa Martin, RN, BSN, CCM

Theresa Martin, RN, BSN, CCM, is a second-career nurse case manager who worked as a flight attendant for several years before earning her nursing degree and becoming a case manager. Aside from her excellent clinical background, Martin’s life experiences have helped her better understand the demands of injured employees and relate to the challenges they face.

The Case

A 53-year-old male sustained serious lower extremity injuries after a stack of pallets fell on him resulting in shinbone fractures on both legs. The man was rushed to the emergency room where it was determined he would need immediate surgery and reconstruction which was performed the same day. However, since he was injured in a different state from where he lived, it was determined the man would have to rehab locally rather than near his home in Indiana.

Case Management Impact

Realizing the injured employee would benefit from his family nearby, Martin quickly identified resources, researched several facilities and coordinated his transfer to an acute rehab facility that would accept an out-of-state jurisdiction claim and the associated rates of reimbursement. She also coordinated the transportation and durable medical needs promptly and all medical items were delivered and made available as soon as the claimant arrived at the acute facility. To help the injured employee transfer home safely, Martin arranged for home modifications, durable medical equipment, and transportation to local outpatient rehab facilities to assure the injured worker stayed on track with his goals.


Martin's efforts not only negated costly home health medical care and home-based therapy, but allowed the claimant to pursue more aggressive therapy at the rehab center. Martin continued to work with the injured employee, medical provider, therapists and employer to coordinate a return to modified duty five months after the injury and full duty with no restrictions within a year.


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