Workers' Comp

How Can You Find the Right Provider for the Best Care?

November 3, 2023

Kate Farley-Agee

Vice President, Network Product Management

A workers’ comp network’s value hinges on ensuring you can find the right providers for the right injuries. Accessing the right providers helps deliver the best outcomes for the injured individual. Adjusters, case managers and injured individuals must be provided with tools to help them find the most appropriate provider for the condition being treated.  

Although the employee ultimately always has the right to choose a treating provider, it is important to understand the differences by state to make the most of channeling into the provider network.  

Every state has a different approach; some of the variations can include: 

  • The employer or carrier has the right to designate the initial treating provider for non-emergency care and/or the employee’s first scheduled appointment; 
  • The employer or carrier has the right to control the initial treatment provider for non-emergency treatment, but only under certain programs or certain time frames (i.e. first 30 days) 
  • The employer or carrier has the right to direct all care in a certified program and/or the PPO; 

Getting injured employees to the best in-network providers and staying compliant with state direction of care laws can be challenging. We’ve created this video to help you understand workers’ comp by state and how to find the right provider. 

Our shared goal is to get the injured employee back to their life as soon as possible. With our channeling tools, you can ensure your employees are getting the right care from vetted providers while also containing costs.


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