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Enlyte Launches Bundled Solution for Auto Bodily Injury Cost Containment

June 20, 2024

PrecisionDirect allows auto carriers to improve payment accuracy for provider services

SAN DIEGO, Calif—During claims settlements busy adjusters often have neither the time or experience to negotiate and pay providers directly on bodily injury claims. Today, Enlyte is working to streamline that process by launching PrecisionDirect, an integrated provider negotiations and networks solution designed to free up adjusters to focus on claim settlement while securing savings on these bills.  

PrecisionDirect’s purpose is to help provide auto carriers with a way to improve payment accuracy on bills typically paid in full to providers treating the injured parties. By leveraging two methods of cost containment—the breadth of Coventry’s network and the expertise of negotiators—Enlyte is able to facilitate fair and accurate bill payments.

Traditionally, adjusters wait to settle bodily injury claims until the injured party has concluded medical treatment and gathered their medical bills and records with the use of a signed authorization. Once these steps have been completed, adjusters may negotiate a settlement with the injured party. They then pay the claimant directly for the full amount, including any applicable general and special damages.  

 With PrecisionDirect, adjusters can send unpaid medical bills to Enlyte’s negotiations team through a variety of user-friendly ingress points. Once received, the team of expert negotiators initiates strategic, data-enhanced and prompt-pay negotiations by directly contacting medical providers or their staff to obtain contracted discounts on those bills. Information is also garnered through the program’s database to determine fair rates based on previous agreements. If the negotiation is accepted, the team works with the provider to execute a signed agreement that outlines the agreed-upon amount and the terms of the negotiation.    

“Negotiating medical bills of injured parties is a challenging part of an adjuster’s job,” said Steve Laudermilch, executive vice president and general manager of casualty solutions. “PrecisionDirect takes that task off the desk, combining technology and expertise to reach agreement with medical providers on behalf of carriers. The negotiations service is a powerful tool for reducing bottom-line bodily injury severity, especially for liability claims that do not have attorney representation.   

“Carriers can confidently settle provider payments knowing they are backed by direct auto contracts or signed negotiation agreements, while also increasing adjuster efficiency,” added Laudermilch. “This solution also integrates with other bodily injury liability solutions to help further streamline workflows.” 

Click here to learn more about PrecisionDirect. 

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