Bodily Injury Integrated Solution

Consistently and Confidently Settle Bodily Injury Claims

PrecisionDirect, is an integrated provider negotiations and networks solution designed to free up adjusters to focus on claim settlement while securing savings on these bills. Our platform seamlessly integrates the industry's largest, directly contracted auto network with top-tier negotiation services, empowering adjusters to confidently settle claims with greater precision.

Transforming Bodily Injury Settlements

Claim adjusters often focus on claim settlement and may not have the time or expertise to negotiate and pay providers directly. As a result, medical bills are frequently paid in full. By using PrecisionDirect, insurance carriers can streamline the claims process, allowing adjusters to concentrate on claim settlement while achieving significant savings on medical expenses.

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*Estimated average results based on a sample of nationwide carriers

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Cost Containment Solutions

PrecisionDirect fuses these two effective methods together for the ultimate cost containment solution:


Provider Networks

Eligible bills are assessed against the provider network. If the provider participates, adjustments are made to the bill, allowing the carrier to pay the provider at the network rate.

Provider Negotiations

Eligible bills are directly negotiated with the billing provider. Upon successful negotiation, the carrier pays the provider promptly at the agreed-upon rate.

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