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The Intelligence Report

June 28, 2024


Read the first quarterly edition of The Intelligence Report, a series of publications featuring the newest capabilities Enlyte is bringing to the casualty market– centered around data, analytics, and business intelligence.
The Most Robust Injury and Medical Billing Data Warehouse in the Industry

Siloed systems that store data can lead to missed opportunities and errors in advanced analytics. The best Artificial Intelligence (AI) based models and Machine Learning Technologies (MLT) are also only as good as the data they are built from.

Enlyte has partnered with Snowflake and launched the industry’s largest and most comprehensive injury and medical billing database. Snowflake’s data cloud has allowed Enlyte to converge structured, semi structured, and unstructured data spanning over multiple products in one location.

Our partnership with Snowflake is the next generation for data capabilities, designed to store and centralize access to data quickly and easily.

Improve Adjuster Negotiations Using Bodily Injury Reporting Benchmarks

When adjusters go into negotiations it is extremely helpful to have representative data of payments made to providers from as many resources as possible to aid in the settlement process.​

Enlyte's Industry-Wide Set of Benchmarks Includes:​

• Medicare​
• State specific fee schedules for both First Party and Workers' Comp​
• UCR​
• Historical pricing data​

Having easy access to multiple sources of data provides more options to reach a fair and equitable settlement earlier in the lifecycle of a claim; removing friction from the BI settlement process. Our platform helps improve adjuster negotiations with the use of bodily injury reporting benchmarks.


Early Settlement Assistant Leads to Efficient and Cost Effective Claim Payment Results

Due to ever-changing regulations and court decisions, keeping quality data current can be time-consuming for payers. Our model, provides the combination of historical and industry standard treatment guideline data for adjusters to leverage more accurate cost estimates at First Notice of Loss (FNOL). The result is more accurate claim expense estimates that assist in settling claims early in the claims lifecycle.



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