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Specialty Solutions Spotlight: What to Look for in a Home Health Program

May 8, 2024

Donita Stacker

Director of Operations, Apricus, an Enlyte company

What factors should I consider when evaluating the effectiveness of a home health program?

Home health services play a vital role in aiding the recovery of injured employees who cannot independently care for themselves or need ongoing medical treatment after being discharged from the hospital. Understanding these considerations ensures a streamlined and effective approach to home health care for optimal recovery.

When evaluating the effectiveness of your home health services program, ask these four questions:

  1. Has a comprehensive treatment plan been established, outlining specific goals?
    A physician-prescribed plan of care is crucial for conveying the injured employee’s medical condition, the anticipated treatment plan and any necessary precautions. It should undergo regular review and updates with care professionals to reflect the injured employee’s progress or potential setbacks.
  2. Do the services aim to enhance the injured employee’s condition and increase their level of independence?
    The treatment goal is to improve health and function, but prolonged home health services beyond necessity may hinder an injured employee’s motivation for self-care, leading to increased dependency instead of fostering recovery.
  3. Are service providers reputable?
    The services given to an injured employee should come from care professionals with strong moral and ethical standards. Injured employees should feel assured that the providers entering their home have been thoroughly screened, well-managed and adhere to high-quality standards.
  4. Is the injured employee, along with caregivers, receiving education and training?
    A goal of home health is to promote independence through ongoing education and training for both injured employees and their caregivers. Proper training in medication administration and durable medical equipment (DME) use reduces complications and enhances overall independence.

Home health programs offer a range of benefits, from scheduling services to streamlining patient care. At Apricus, we increase care efficiency and overall program savings by partnering with highly skilled home health care professionals that understand the complexities of workers’ compensation cases. Whether the injured employee requires simple or complex home health, we leverage a strong national network of credentialed home health care providers to coordinate excellent care, in a timely and compassionate manner.

This information is meant to serve as a general overview, and any specific questions should be fully reviewed with a health care professional or specialty service provider.

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