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A security guard sustained a gunshot wound leading to multiple diagnoses including an L2 vertebral fracture, L1 spinal cord injury, paraplegia, neurogenic bowel and bladder, and immobility syndrome, among others. As a result, the injured employee became entirely reliant on his home health aide and licensed practical nurse (LPN) for all activities of daily living, exhibiting reluctance towards engaging in independent tasks or self-care. Working with the Apricus care coordinator and Enlyte case manager, the treating physician set goals to reduce the hours of required home health care and to motivate the injured employee towards greater independence.

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In addition to coordinating home health services, the care coordinator effectively facilitated a range of durable medical equipment (DME) and medical supplies, including a fully electric transfer bed and mattress, a custom wheelchair, urinary and incontinence supplies and ramps for the home among several other products. This integration of DME into the rehabilitation plan not only addressed immediate physical needs but also empowered the injured employee by granting him the ability to manage his living environment independently.

Because Apricus collaborated closely with the home health professionals and the case manager, the injured employee was referred to a comprehensive rehabilitation centered on enhancing independence in wheelchair mobility and transfers, coupled with intensive physical and occupational therapy.

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Significant progress became evident within a few weeks. The injured employee achieved the milestone of propelling his wheelchair for more than 45 minutes without requiring rest breaks and participated in static standing due to improved core strength. Over the course of four months, he achieved strides toward independence, including light meal preparation, independent feeding and increased ability to propel his wheelchair independently in community settings. As the injured employee gained more independence, the need for home health care hours decreased gradually and his morale increased proportionately.

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