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Combat Rising Medical Costs on First Party Auto Claims


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A top auto carrier recognized an opportunity to extend their limits to their policyholders at the time of an auto accident as a policyholder retention initiative. Their policyholders were paying a premium for first party coverage that was often exhausted immediately after one ER visit due in part to medical inflation. Their initiative was to find a creative solution to extend the coverage for their injured insureds.


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By using Enlyte’s auto bill review solution, they were able to reduce medical bills thus covering more treatment for the injured party. The auto bill review software ensures the fee schedules in each state are current and applied accurately. It also reduces claim adjuster time by leveraging straight through processing automation creating efficiency. Finally, it identifies provider errors and issues to drive consistency in the bill review process.


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Enlyte’s auto bill review solution reduced the medical bill by an average of 80%—so our customer pays 20 cents for every dollar charged. The injured individual gets five times the amount of the medpay/pip benefit. Accurately and efficiently reviewing medical bills minimized litigation and the labor spent reviewing bills. These operational savings help keep rates competitive in the market while optimizing the insureds benefits creating policyholder satisfaction. This outcome helps the carrier deliver a great experience for the insured, while controlling costs.



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79% average savings from billed charges


$1,765 average savings per bill


Policy Limit extended 5x longer 



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