Workers' Comp

What to Consider When Doctors Dispense in Work Comp

October 2, 2023

On average 39% of pharmacy spend comes from non-network dispensing channels. With pharmacy costs rising managing these prescriptions is more important than ever.

Non-retail pharmacy dispensing channels often bypass the traditional clinical and cost controls applied through point-of-sale systems. These transactions include third-party billers, clinics, physician offices, and hospitals that directly dispense drugs or give pharmaceutical injections during visits and may also include specialty and compounding pharmacies. These sources represent some of the typical charges received after the medication has already been delivered to the patient.

Looking at the total view, including non-retail pharmacy dispensing channels, provides considerably more insight into the unique challenges that exist in this out-of-network space. To find out how Enlyte Pharmacy Solutions is approaching the management of both in- and out-of-network prescriptions to achieve the most clinically appropriate outcomes, download our information sheet.