Workers' Comp

The Coventry VIP Program

July 8, 2024

Jill Harris

Senior Vice President of Network Operations, Coventry

In the complex environment of network management and provider relations, where the well-being of the injured individual stands as a focal point for all stakeholders, it's often the subtle distinctions that make a significant difference. For over four decades, Coventry has been at the forefront of workers' compensation and auto networks, not only reinforcing our provider relationships but redefining what it means to be a network partner. The Coventry VIP Program is fundamental to our ongoing network investments. This program offers an array of benefits for providers, that bridges the relationships with the clients and injured individuals.

  • Emphasizing Provider Relationships: Fostering a provider-centric relationship requires intimate understanding of the workers’ compensation and auto liability landscapes as well as fundamental knowledge of how the healthcare market works. We believe that supporting our network providers cultivates trust and satisfaction, translates into quantifiable benefits for payers and, most importantly, improves outcomes for the injured individual. By offering our providers personalized support, targeted education, and a single point of contact through our VIP program, we are crafting an environment where providers feel valued and equipped to deliver their best care to their patients.

  • Satisfaction and Dividends: Satisfaction breeds loyalty and, in turn, higher provider participation in the network which is a clear win for all parties. Providers who feel supported and respected are more likely to go the extra mile, leading to better medical care overall. Happy providers are the backbone of a thriving network.

  • Patient-centric Focus: The most important thing in health care is the health of each individual patient. Our program goes beyond administrative assistance, seeking to ease the burden on providers, so they can focus on their patients. This approach fosters a patient-centric care environment, where the individual’s health is the paramount consideration in all decisions.

  • A Win-Win Scenario: Providers who can dedicate more attention to their patient load inevitably leads to a win-win scenario: improved efficiency in the treatment pathways and better compliance with return-to-work recommendations. This positively impacts injured individuals’ overall health improvement trajectory and helps reduce claim durations and improve outcomes.

Coventry VIP Program Features

When looking at the nuances of provider relations, we’ve broken down key features that set Coventry’s program apart and exemplify why it's a must-have for any network management partner:

  • Single Point of Contact: Key providers are assigned a dedicated consultant. A single point of contact ensures consistency: provider questions are expedited, and every dialog generates a greater understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within their practice. Quick and personalized resolutions of issues elevate the provider experience and reduce operational friction.

  • Regular VIP Consultant Meetings: VIP Consultants host regular meetings with their program providers, creating a forum for feedback, education, and collaborative problem-solving. The provider’s voice is not only heard, but actively appreciated and acted upon.

  • Provider Portal: The VIP Team assists providers with portal training, a one-stop shop for all provider needs available to the provider 24/7. From claims status to the latest industry resources, the portal puts the power back in providers' hands and reduces bill related calls to our clients.

  • Ongoing Education: Well-informed providers are better positioned to make care decisions that lead to optimal outcomes. From webinars to in-person training, the VIP Program ensures its providers are at the forefront of industry standards and best practices.

  • Superior VIP Servicing and Support: Whether it's enhancing the provider's billing procedures, navigating complex compliance requirements, or providing additional resources for their practice, support is tailored to each provider's needs.

  • Collaborative Problem Identification and Resolution: The collaborative aspect of the VIP Program is deliberate. Providers are our partners in patient care. By working together to anticipate and resolve issues, we build a network that is agile and responsive, ensuring that patient care is uninterrupted and seamlessly delivered.

  • Regional Territory Alignment: Regulations and best practices often vary by state or region. Our VIP Consultants are aligned with specific regions, so providers receive relevant advice and support. This localized approach is part of our commitment to addressing the unique nuances of the workers’ compensation and auto casualty landscapes.

  • Provider Demographics: VIP providers’ demographics are regularly audited. This helps ensure that patients and their representatives can find a provider who can quickly provide care.

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