Workers' Comp

Rising Temperatures and Rising Risks: Ensuring Workplace Safety with Enlyte's ClinicalCare24

June 18, 2024

Jennifer Stephens

Director of Operations

As temperatures climb, so do the risks of workplace injuries related to heat. Recent studies, including comprehensive research by the Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI), highlight the growing impact of heat on workplace injuries and workers' compensation claims. With summer in full swing, it is crucial for businesses to implement strategies that prevent heat-related injuries and provide immediate, effective responses when they occur.

Direct and Indirect Effects of Heat on Workers

Exposure to high temperatures can cause direct physiological impacts like heat exhaustion and heat stroke, as well as indirect effects such as impaired cognitive and motor functions, increasing the likelihood of accidents. These conditions can escalate quickly, requiring immediate and informed responses to prevent severe health consequences.

Vulnerable Industries and Preventive Measures

Industries like construction, manufacturing, and agriculture, where employees are exposed to unregulated environments, face significant risks from heat exposure. To safeguard these workers, employers should provide adequate hydration, rest in cool or shaded areas, and training to recognize heat-related stress symptoms.

How ClinicalCare24 Helps in Heat-Related Incidents

In the critical moments following a heat-related injury, rapid response and accurate assessment are vital. ClinicalCare24, Enlyte's nurse triage program, provides immediate access to expert medical guidance around the clock.

When an employee suffers from a heat-related condition—be it heat exhaustion, heat stroke, or lesser symptoms that could escalate—ClinicalCare24 offers a direct line to registered nurses who can assess the severity of the situation. This prompt evaluation helps determine the most suitable level of care, potentially averting unnecessary and costly emergency room visits. Here’s how ClinicalCare24 stands out:

  • Immediate Triage: Nurses assess symptoms and provide critical first-aid instructions, crucial in heat-related cases where time is of the essence.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Nurses help employees understand their symptoms and guide them through their options, ensuring they make informed decisions about their health.
  • Alignment with Safety Protocols: ClinicalCare24's guidance is fully compliant with workers’ compensation requirements and OSHA guidelines, essential for managing the legal and safety aspects of workplace injuries.
  • Seamless Care Coordination: If further medical treatment is needed, ClinicalCare24 facilitates connections to preferred medical providers and manages necessary documentation, streamlining the process and ensuring continuity of care.

With ClinicalCare24, businesses ensure that their workers receive the right care at the right time, directly contributing to better health outcomes and reducing the potential for severe complications related to heat exposure.

Policy Implications and Future Outlook

With climate change predicted to increase the frequency and intensity of heatwaves, solutions like ClinicalCare24 become vital tools for employers. By adopting advanced injury management protocols, employers can mitigate the risks associated with rising temperatures and ensure a safer working environment.


The ongoing challenge of climate change and its impact on workplace safety demands innovative and effective responses. Enlyte's ClinicalCare24 offers a proactive approach to managing the risks associated with heat exposure, ensuring that businesses are equipped to handle potential injuries efficiently and compassionately. As temperatures rise, so does the importance of reliable, immediate care—ensuring that safety remains a constant regardless of conditions.

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