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The State of Pharmacy Trends in Workers' Comp

Enlyte provides a complete view of continued trends in pharmacy management, by analyzing drug utilization and spending trends in workers’ compensation on an annual basis. Our 2024 series reflects the trends our clients experienced in 2023 and provides an overall picture of both in- and out-of-network prescriptions in our four-part series coming throughout the year. 

Part 1: Evaluating Retail and Mail Order Prescriptions

Retail and mail order workers’ compensation prescription cost and utilization have seen fluctuations over the past few years due in part to an evolving work environment and new drugs coming to market. In 2023 we saw an overall per claim decrease as well as continued declines in opioid prescribing. Despite these promising reductions certain classes continue to see double-digit cost increases as the industry grapples to address new prescribing trends.

Overall Prescription Trends Decreased for Cost per Claim in 2023

Top 3 Retail and Mail Order Trends

Join Tom Kerr as he interviews Nikki Wilson, Senior Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services to dig into part one of our annual drug trends series. In this short video they’ll discuss standout trends from our most recent retail and mail order data focusing on decreasing opioid trends and significant jumps in migraine and respiratory medications. 

Part 2: Evaluating In- and Out-of-Network Trends 

This analysis features the trends experienced within our combined in- and out-of-network channels to address the total view of prescription activity. While overall prescription utilization is trending downward, cost of scripts is on the rise. In particular, costs are driven by the influx of high-dollar topical agents that come almost-exclusively from out-of-network physician dispensing channels, as well as contributions from increased utilization and associated spend within the migraine medication category, along with rising trends in average wholesale price (AWP) for certain drug products, especially brand medications. 

Key Trend Changes for All Classes

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Enlyte experts analyze drug utilization and spending trends in workers’ comp every year to provide the best insights into pharmacy management. Our previous series reflects on the trends our clients experienced in 2022 and 2023 and includes an overview of both in- and out-of-network prescriptions as well as additional insights including podcasts, videos, and our on-demand webinar. 

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