Casualty Claims Management

Creating Brighter Casualty Claims Outcomes

Enlyte’s full spectrum of integrated casualty services and solutions combine industry-leading technology with extensive expertise to help our clients manage casualty claims efficiently, effectively and with compassionate care to deliver brighter outcomes for all.

Solutions Overview

The Information You Need, Exactly When You Need It

Enlyte propels claims forward from incident to outcome, with an unmatched, integrated continuum of products and services that provides our clients with the claim information they need, exactly when they need it. 

First Party Auto

Efficient & Accurate Claim Management

Enlyte’s first party auto solution provides our clients with the technology and expertise needed to manage first party claims efficiently and accurately. Our integrated technology and services deliver clients the insights and data they need to see the full picture of each claim so they can focus on making the right decisions for brighter claim outcomes.   

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Third Party Auto

Consistent Bodily Injury Claim Outcomes

Our Third Party Solution brings adjusters the injury and liability information they need right when they need it so they can settle claims accurately and efficiently. Our customizable bodily injury solution helps you leverage your own claim handling best practices for more consistent claim outcomes.

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Workers’ Compensation

Combining Expertise, Technology & Care

Enlyte propels claims forward from incident to successful return to work, with an unmatched continuum of products and services, backed by expertise, ingenuity and client collaboration that help navigate the road to recovery with care. 

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Comprehensive Solutions

Exceptional Claim Management, From Incident to Outcome

Enlyte helps workers’ compensation and auto casualty payers manage the entire claim from point of injury to claim closure. 

Regulatory Compliance

Achieve and maintain regulatory compliance with the help of Enlyte’s dedicated team of compliance experts that not only follows the casualty legislative landscape but also helps to drive and inform its policies.

Extensive Industry Expertise

Gain deeper industry insights, greater efficiencies and exponential value by partnering with Enlyte’s team of industry experts that have unparalleled expertise into each of the markets we serve from more than seven decades of experience.

Integrated Services & Solutions

Manage claims accurately, consistently and efficiently with Enlyte’s industry-leading technology and expert services that integrate across the claim continuum.

Data Analytics

Understand and improve performance and spot and manage claim trends through Enlyte’s comprehensive data analytics and reporting capabilities.