Workers’ Compensation

Creating Brighter Outcomes in Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation can be extremely complex, with a need to focus on the individual and all those connected to their journey back. Which is why Enlyte companies work together seamlessly to provide the services, solutions and advanced technologies needed to deliver brighter outcomes for all.

Highest-Quality Care Management That Helps Reduce Total Cost of Risk

Every workers’ compensation claim is a life-changing event. One delay or misstep in the recovery process can cause a ripple effect that slows recovery, leading to lost workdays, reduced productivity, and even legal recourse. With more than seven decades of experience, national coverage and local expertise, Enlyte delivers the highest-quality care management solutions while managing costs.

An unmatched continuum of products & services

Managing Every Stage on the Road to Recovery With Innovative Technology, Managed Care & Network Solutions

Enlyte delivers the highest-quality care management solutions and manages costs with an unmatched continuum of products and services, backed by expertise, ingenuity and client collaboration.

Our network solutions, managed care specialists, full spectrum of workers’ compensation solutions and services propel claims forward from point-of-injury to successful return to work. We focus on accuracy, savings and compliance, as our technology-enabled bill review and comprehensive pharmacy solutions combine data and insight to help control costs.

Enlyte offers the largest broad-based and specialty networks in the industry. Programs that are optimized for exceptional access and discounts. Our leading case management and independent medical exam services leverage the power of advocacy and engagement, providing a unique combination of national coverage with local expertise. A comprehensive data and analytics program delivers unparalleled access and transparency to constantly fine-tune program performance. All while dedicated compliance teams advocate for regulatory policies that better serve the industry.


Mitchell Drives Better Outcomes With Innovative Technology Solutions

With 75 years of experience and a reputation as the market leader when it comes to technology solutions, Mitchell helps clients manage compliance with workers’ compensation regulations, including fee schedule and medical requirements and CMS and FROI/SROI reporting.

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Genex Managed Care Services Achieve Better Claims Outcomes

Genex is the largest and most experienced managed care provider in the Workers’ Compensation industry, delivering clinical services such as Case Management, Independent Medical Exams, 360 data analysis, all solutions that improve productivity, contain costs, and help injured employees get better faster.

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Coventry Helps Return People To Work, Play, and Life

Coventry offers network solutions for employers, insurance carriers, and third-party administrators, including PPO Networks, DME networks, and Certified networks. With roots in both clinical and network services, Coventry leverages more than 40 years of Workers’ Compensation industry experience, knowledge, and data analytics.

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Unique Insights Into Workers’ Compensation

With decades of experience in the Workers’ Compensation market, and a collection of the best and brightest individuals, working with innovative solutions and data, Enlyte offers a unique perspective on how to address opportunities and challenges facing clients today. Explore what our experts are seeing and their insight into where the market is heading.

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Every moment of every day, our businesses and our people focus on making the journey from incident to outcome smarter, simpler and brighter. Whether you have a question about Mitchell, Genex and Coventry, the solutions and services they offer, or need assistance with anything else, we’re here to help.

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