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Regulatory compliance and expertise is vital for effective disability management. Enlyte gives you piece of mind by reducing your administrative burden.

Mitigating Compliance Issues & High Costs

Enlyte’s disability and absence management services provide high-quality, customizable services driven by specialized disability management expertise, ensuring compliance with various regulatory entities to help payers reduce claims costs and improve processing efficiency.

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Comprehensive Disability Expertise

Genex is a leading provider of disability services, delivering programs designed to manage compliance issues, reduce lost time and productivity.

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Genex's nationwide Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) representation services manage some of the largest insurance carriers and self-insured employers in the industry.

Our in-house disability experts provide comprehensive services throughout disability, FMLA, and ADAAA environments, including medical evaluations, physician advisor services, return-to-work programs, clinical assessments, medical case management, vocational expertise, peer reviews, second and third opinion exams and ADAAA accommodation reviews.

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Every moment of every day, our businesses and our people focus on making the journey from incident to outcome smarter, simpler and brighter. Whether you have a question about Mitchell, Genex and Coventry, the solutions and services they offer, or need assistance with anything else, we’re here to help.

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