Auto Casualty

Helping Clients Manage Auto Casualty Claims Efficiently & Accurately

For first party auto or third party liability, Enlyte delivers solutions to help clients manage claims efficiently and accurately so they can deliver exceptional care to their customers, from first notice of loss to closure.

Auto Casualty Solutions Built by the Auto Casualty Experts

As the leading market expert in auto casualty claims processing, Enlyte leverages more than seven decades of industry experience to deliver holistic, customizable first party auto casualty and third party liability solutions and services. With millions of auto casualty bills running through Enlyte systems every year, we provide our clients with the insights and data they need to see the full picture of each claim so they can focus on making the right decisions for brighter claim outcomes. 

Full-Spectrum Solutions

Driving the Journey to Better Outcomes for Your First & Third Party Auto Casualty Business

Managing claims efficiently and effectively while delivering exceptional customer care has never been more challenging. Enlyte makes it easier with a full spectrum of first-and third-party auto casualty solutions to help providers pay the most accurate price for medical services using streamlined bill review operations and intelligent workflows.  

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As the industry’s most experienced and innovative service provider, Enlyte combines the best technology and services with the best compliance expertise to improve auto casualty outcomes.

Designed to be customizable and scalable to fit any provider’s needs, our comprehensive portfolio of auto casualty offerings include:

  • Bill review software and services
  • Injury and liability software
  • Compliance management and regulatory data updates
  • Document management services
  • Bill intake and payment processing
  • Direct-to-provider negotiation services
  • Analytics, reporting and performance consulting

Unique Insights Into the Auto Casualty Market

With decades of experience in the Auto Casualty market and a collection of the best and brightest individuals, working to deliver innovative solutions, unmatched regulatory compliance and data-driven insights for our customers, Mitchell offers a unique perspective on how to address today’s first- and third-party auto casualty market trends while continuing to manage claims efficiently and accurately. Explore expert insights to learn about where the market is heading.

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