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Auto Casualty Article

Dave Torrence Gives His Perspective on the Benefits of Bringing Technology, Clinical and Networks Together

June 27, 2022

Bringing the three leading entities together under Enlyte has allowed us to boast the industry’s most unique collection of data. We have pulled this information together to offer a much more holistic view of what is going on across multiple business segments. Ultimately, that is what makes us special and brings value to our clients. 

Workers' Comp Article

Unlocking Value Across Market Segments Using a Holistic View

May 3, 2022

One of the biggest highlights of 2021 for the Mitchell, Genex and Coventry family of businesses was uniting under one unified brand – Enlyte. While our three companies have worked together for years, the unification of the brands has encouraged even more connectivity throughout the organization. It is this collaboration, between clinical, networks and technology, that is so valuable to what we do across the entire claim’s continuum. A few of our experts shared their thoughts on how a holistic, unified point of view helps improve outcomes for customers and claimants.

Genex Article

3 ways to build engagement and trust in workers' comp claimants

August 12, 2022

When an employee is injured on the job, it is in everyone's best interest to mobilize for a fast and complete recovery. However, that outcome may be unintentionally sabotaged by an unlikely development: lack of patient engagement and trust.

Mitchell News Release

Lemonade Selects Mitchell’s Solutions to Support Entry into the $300 Billion U.S. Auto Insurance Market

August 11, 2022

Mitchell’s claims management solutions are powering Lemonade Car and its successful U.S.

Genex Article

Taking the Time to Listen Can Pay Off in the Long Run

August 10, 2022

The goal of any workers' compensation case management program is to minimize the impact of an injury and assist injured employees in realizing their maximum functional abilities.

Genex News Release

August 2022 Utilization Review Compliance Update

August 10, 2022

Kentucky Administrative Rule Updates Two rules have recently been introduced in Kentucky that may impact your Utilization Review program: KAR 803 25:195E and KAR 803 35:195 Proposed. KAR 803 25:195E is an emergency rule in effect as of April 15, 2022. KAR 803 35:195 Proposed is the same as the emergency rule but will be permanent if adopted. Guidance on Definitions Recent updates have provided clarification regarding certain term definitions including:

Auto Physical Damage Conference

Auto Glass Week

This year’s Auto Glass Week is in San Antonio, Texas, inviting industry leaders to come participate in this educational event. Auto Glass Week 2022 provides participants a showcase of advancements and innovation in the OE and aftermarket auto glass repair and replacement industry, as well as the opportunity to expand their professional network. Come and listen to top leaders through various educational keynotes and sessions, while also having the opportunity to view demonstrations on the exhibition floor! 


Technology and Expertise Driving Better Claims Outcomes

Mitchell simplifies and accelerates claims management and collision repair processes through the broadest range of technology solutions, networks, and partners in the P&C industry.

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Helping Injured Workers Get Better, Faster.

Genex helps injured employees return to their jobs in a safe and efficient manner through compassionate case management while reducing total claim cost.

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