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Enlyte Quarterly Medical Price Index

March 19, 2024

As reported by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) in February 2024, the consumer price index in the United States increased 3.1% over the preceding 12 months. The medical care index rose 0.5% in January 2024. The index for hospital services increased 1.6% over the month and the index for physician’s services increased 0.6% which would be compared to Enlyte’s data in this report.

Disability Conference

National Comp Conference

The National Comp Conference (formerly NWCD) is the premier Workers’ Comp Conference and Trade Show. For 30 years, National Comp continues to be the largest annual gathering of workers’ comp leaders in the country.

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Strategies for Adapting to an Evolving Workforce

January 17, 2023

The Great Resignation and the move to remote work has forever changed the way we work, as well as the profile of our workforce. This will require employers to rethink everything from health and safety on the job, to new technology that makes training, onboarding and prioritizing easier.

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How Personalized Care Leads to Faster Recovery Times

January 17, 2023

Understanding the social determinants of health and taking a more personalized approach to understand an injured employees’ life circumstances can help them recover faster.

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View From The Top: Alex Sun

January 3, 2023

Alex Sun took the helm as CEO of San Diego-based Enlyte LLC in 2021, when it was formed through the merger of three companies in the workers compensation sector: Coventry Workers Comp Services, Genex Services LLC and Mitchell International Inc.

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Dave Torrence Gives His Perspective on the Benefits of Bringing Technology, Clinical and Networks Together

June 27, 2022

Bringing the three leading entities together under Enlyte has allowed us to boast the industry’s most unique collection of data. We have pulled this information together to offer a much more holistic view of what is going on across multiple business segments. Ultimately, that is what makes us special and brings value to our clients. 

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Unlocking Value Across Market Segments Using a Holistic View

May 3, 2022

It is this collaboration, between clinical, networks and technology, that is so valuable to what we do across the entire claim’s continuum.