Enlytened Trends 2024 Annual Report

Be the first to know how emerging trends in generative AI, auto and casualty claims and regulatory compliance are impacting P&C this year and beyond.

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The Opportunities and Challenges of Generative AI Innovation—As Told by GenAI

While insurers and service providers across the industry rush to engage in the generative AI conversation, we thought it would be interesting to go straight to the source and talk to the AI itself.


Tablet with OpenAI on Screen and ChatGPT Phone

Medical Cost and Inflation Trends

With inflation affecting many industries throughout 2023 and into 2024, we analyze our medical bill review charge data and inflation trends to provide you with our own medical price index (MPI).


Workers' Comp Q2 2023 Medical Price Index Graph

Filling the Gap: Managing the Physician and Provider Shortage Remains a Chief Concern for the P&C Industry


To further ensure their network is strong, provider networks are active in state legislatures to stay current on regulatory changes designed to boost provider availability.

Kate Farley-Agee, Vice President of Networks, Coventry

Collision Claims: What Every Insurer, Repairer and OEM Need to Know

How will the events of 2023 affect 2024 when it comes to collision claims? Find out in this interview with Ryan Mandell, Mitchell's director of claims performance.


Collision Claim Trends to Watch in 2024



Diagnostics and the Growth of Calibrations

A Continued Increase in the Cost of Repairs

The Impact of Escalating Costs on Consumers

Drug Trends Unveiled: Exploring Topicals, Physician-Dispensed Drugs, and the Opioid Outlook

Dive into recent data from Enlyte's Drug Trends report that indicates a pivotal shift in drug spend in workers' compensation.


Data Analysis Icon

Research has shown that employees who are prescribed opioids can be 11 to 14 times more likely to experience chronic work loss and have 251% longer temporary disability.

These Topics and More Inside the Enlytened 2024 Trends Report

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