Navigating the Great Resignation

Solutions To Manage the Impact On Your Organization

Is your company experiencing the effects of the “Great Resignation”? This hub will provide you with resources to help manage the current labor shortage and its impact on our industries and perhaps turn it into the Great Opportunity.

Addressing Casualty Customer Challenges in 2022

Disruptions brought on by COVID-19 have caused businesses and insurers to rethink operations, prioritizing employee and customer safety, while accommodating supply issues, labor shortages and inflation. In the Risk Management article, “Navigating Current Trends in Casualty Insurance,” Enlyte CEO Alex Sun offers solutions on what industry professionals can do to meet these challenges.

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Claims Staff Turnover

Managing the Changing Workforce

As the Great Resignation continues, strategically implementing technology can help payers fill in the gaps for staffing shortages, streamline their workflows and create overall better experiences for their employees. In this video, Rebecca Morgan, vice president of product management at Mitchell, outlines three specific areas where technology can help: training, automation and retaining expertise.

Check out “Managing the Changing Workforce,” and then continue below to learn more about Mitchell’s technology solutions.

Supporting Claims Teams with Technology and Partnerships

When claims teams are stretched, it’s even more important that they spend their time on high-value tasks. Mitchell’s integrated suite of technologies and services can help free up time for auto casualty and workers’ compensation claims staff, boost claims processing efficiency and get new team members up to speed fast.

Boost Efficiency with Bill Review Automation

Using Mitchell’s bill review platform and rules engines, automate up to 90% of medical bills via straight-through processing, freeing up time for adjusters to focus on complex tasks.

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Partner Well to Improve Focus

Support your team, even when understaffed, by outsourcing non-core tasks to Mitchell Technology Enabled Services. As the industry’s premier service provider with decades of bill review expertise, we can provide full medical bill processing services, mailroom operations, document management, data capture and more.

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See the Full Picture

The Mitchell Claims Examiner Portal helps improve efficiency for workers’ compensation claims staff and incorporates decision guidance by surfacing key findings on claim and bill records, allowing new employees get up to speed quickly.

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Built-in Best Practices

Mitchell ClaimIQ helps operationalize each carrier’s third party claims processing best practices and claim handling philosophies, helping retain knowledge when top adjusters leave the company.

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Clinical Services

Taking Good Care of the Team

One of the key components in meeting customer needs during a labor shortage is ensuring the physical and mental health of one’s current workforce. Without proper services in place, however, overburdened employees are at risk for burnout, poor health and increase of injury. In this video, Tammy Bradly, Sr. Director, explains how solutions such as ergonomics, case management and transitional duty can reduce time away from work due to injury and keep employees happy and healthy.

Check out “Taking Care of the Team,” and then continue below to learn how Genex’s clinical services can meet the health and safety needs of your team.

Clinical Solutions to Keep Your Team Moving

As the largest and most trusted provider of expert clinical services, Genex knows that injury prevention and recovery are the key components to keeping your employees healthy, happy and productive.  Our case management, nurse triage and ergonomic services are backed by proven data metrics and best practices, making Genex the only company in our industry that delivers the highest-quality clinical services enhanced by intelligent systems and 360° data analysis to consistently drive superior results.

Expedite Safe and Productive Return to Work

Access Genex’s preventive services to help improve employee health and productivity, decrease the likelihood of musculoskeletal injuries, and intervene post injury to expedite safe and sustained return to work.

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Ensure ADAAA Compliance

Develop consistent management practices with Genex’s ADAAA Interactive Management Program to address these requests and return employees with disabilities to work in a safe and efficient manner.

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Provide Medical Expertise at the Time of Injury

At the time injury, our Genex ClinicalCare24 trained nurses can provide injured employees with clinically sound triage recommendations around level and timing of care so they can make informed decisions and receive prompt medical attention when indicated. Available 24/7/365.

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Network Solutions

Access to Care is Essential

The U.S. faced a shortage of clinicians even before the pandemic and its fallout pushed one in five healthcare professionals out of the profession.

A big culprit is burnout—a factor that was present even before the pandemic made the situation worse. Now, some doctors and nurses report feeling betrayed by patients’ unwillingness to get vaccinated or by government leaders’ eagerness to roll back measures such as masking and testing while transmission remains elevated. Other clinicians are simply exhausted from repeated waves of the virus and by forecasts that warn of the potential for more surges.

Other healthcare workers are simply getting older. Already about 10,000 baby boomers reach retirement age every day. Some of this generation—those born between 1946 and 1964—are clinicians who are ready to stop working.

These forces, taken together, could make it harder for injured workers to access care. So how can you help those you serve get access to the care they need? Enlyte can help you bridge that gap.

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Networks Will Only Become More Important

Getting access to care is only likely to become more of a challenge, even as the pandemic wanes. The Association of American Medical Colleges warns that in less than 10 years, there will be a gap of more than 124,000 providers. Part of the reason for the shortfall is because the U.S. population is getting older; this is likely to drive demand for care. In the coming decade, Americans over age 65 will, for the first time, outnumber those under 18. The bottom line: ensuring access matters, now and in the future.

As it becomes harder to access care, a strong network is your go-to for the most-needed services. Adjusters grappling with heavy workloads and constant change in the workplace need every possible advantage. That’s why having access to a broad network of skilled clinicians, like the Coventry Integrated Network®, is more important than ever. We know a robust network can lead to strong outcomes for those who are injured by giving them access to timely, high-quality care.

Provider Networks

Utilizing fully dedicated workers’ comp networks ensures your injured workers have access to providers who meet the necessary standards and most importantly the care necessary to return them to work, to play and to life.

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Specialty Networks

Sometimes those who are injured have unique needs. That’s where a strong specialty network like Apricus can help. Services range from durable medical equipment to diagnostics, home health and more.

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Pharmacy Solutions

With a robust nationwide network and an in-house pharmacy specializing in workers’ compensation and auto casualty care, our pharmacy network supports the care continuum.

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